We need Well Thought-out Road Projects

Provo has actually been unique in that it was a larger city but with a small town feel. We didn’t really have any major traffic issues until the last few years. The city started doing projects to improve roads and transportation and have caused, what I believe to be, unintended consequences. Even the best of intentions can cause frustrating traffic circumstances if we miss seeing the bigger picture of the domino effect in traffic.

As I have spoken with the residents of the West side, I have heard again and again how much the Center Street on-ramp and interchange has made traffic and safety worse. How University Avenue has made travelling the only street that goes all the way through Provo a frustrating experience. That travelling on 700 North and 300 South has become impossible to get to where you need to go because of the barriers down the middle of the street. Provo is now adding barriers to 500 West and Bulldog Blvd. I have heard from fire fighters that the barriers increase response time for emergencies. I question if all of these factors were taken into consideration as these projects were pushed forward even in the face of public protest.

I feel like I have the foresight to look at these transportation proposals and see the flaws and possible unintended consequences that can happen. I will try to be a voice of reason and represent the wishes of our district. I will oppose any plans that would reduce the number of lanes on major streets. I want to work on a master plan for our city that gives us a clear, detailed vision of what we want our city to end up looking like in the future and that will accommodate the amount of traffic that will come with Provo’s growth. I would carefully consider how any development proposals would affect traffic and if we have the roads and infrastructure to support the proposed development. If you look at the development in our neighboring cities you can see what having too few roads in any given development does to increase traffic to unbearable conditions and affect our quality of life. I do not want that for our city.

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  1. I like your stance on limiting development so as not to overrun our resources. I understand you think Provo tax dollars should only be spent on necessities. In light of that, what is your stance on expenditures for the rec center and the public library? Thanks for your time and trouble.

    1. The Rec Center has actually been a real benefit to Provo. Not only does it make enough to cover the operating costs but it brings in a profit that is put aside to cover maintenance and future refurbishments. It definitely is a wonderful perk for our community that does not drain our budget. I personally frequent and use the library and think that it also is an important asset to Provo. I was talking to the director of the library the other day and we were discussing just this issue. He was explaining how our library has been well run and has done a lot with the budget they currently have. We discussed how we might be able to save a few dollars if the budget required it without losing too many of the services we enjoy. The good thing about our library is that it too generates funding through the rental of the meeting rooms that helps off-set some of the expenses of maintenance and upkeep. Both of these services are beneficial to our community and worth keeping.

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