About Valerie

Welcome to my page! I am a long-time resident of Provo and I have volunteered extensively in our community. I have served on the Westridge Land Trust Committee, as a Westridge PTO Officer, as the Provo High PTA President and Treasurer, and as a Caucus Precinct Chairman and I would like to represent our 4th District on the City Council. There are a few things that have begun to concern me and I want to address those as I serve.

One item that I have observed becoming more common on the City Council’s agenda are requests for zoning changes and parking variances so that more large developments of high density rental housing can occur. I realize that development will happen in our city, but I believe that we have to carefully consider the type of development that we want to allow so that we don’t overwhelm our schools, our police and fire departments, and our city services.

According to a report given to the Council, our Police force is currently understaffed by 14 officers. Provo City is funding the addition of 7 more officers with the new budget, however, we are still understaffed. Our waste-water treatment plant is in need of being replaced. Our city fees continue to increase to help fund these needs. When new development is proposed, I believe that it is the job of the City Council to look forward into the future and make sure that our city services and our schools can handle the impact of that development, and that the impact fees that are associated with the development can cover the costs of the needed city services.

I also believe that it is the City Council’s job to make sure that our tax base will continue to grow with our city so that we can fund the needed services. I would like to see affordable housing in the form of condos and townhomes (properties that allow people to purchase homes) rather than large developments of rental apartment complexes. This allows our citizens the opportunity to own and accumulate principle as well as take advantage of market increases in value.

Another issue that has become a concern for me is the traffic flow. Traffic has become increasingly worse and some of the improvements that the city has made in the past have only added to the problem. I believe we need City Council Members who can look at road proposals with an eye to the future and with their District members’ best interests in mind.

I am available to listen to any concerns you may have that pertain to the City Council. I will always listen and then become educated to the issues that we all face so that I can make good decisions that will benefit all of our neighborhoods.

There are a lot good things happening in Provo. It is a great place to live. I would like to be a part of finding solutions and keeping our City a great place to call home. Please follow and like my Facebook page for more updates on city issues and please vote for me in the General Election on November 5, 2019.